So you finally found a home in the real estate listings that you liked, made an offer on it, and were accepted. The papers have been filed, the sale has closed, and you are the proud owner of your very own home. Time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labor, right? Wrong! Your labor is only just beginning. Owning a home means performing near-constant repairs and renovations on your property. Roofs leak, paint peels, baseboards get chipped, and light fixtures need replacing. Why should you bother? We've got some very convincing arguments.


Ask anyone who has a mission based job, like a Mississauga personal injury lawyer or a popular fashion blogger, and they'll tell you the part of their jobs they enjoy most is the feeling of pride they get when they complete a task. Setting yourself home renovation and repair goals and then following through on them can be a source of satisfaction in your life - which is especially important if you don't like your job.


Before beautiful homes for sale are sold to the customer building inspectors carefully scour the property to make sure everything meets the standards set out by municipal building codes. The codes exist to ensure the safety of the residents, but when you own a home there's no one looking over your shoulder making sure things are done right. That's up to you. For the sake of your life, your family, and your property, don't slack off.

Resale Value

When people who a house and don't look after them go to resell the house in a few years, what do you think happens? They get less than they paid for it. If you're not planning on living in the same house forever, and even if you are, keep up with your repairs so the house will remain competitive on the market. You'll get back the money you put in over the years and more if you do it right.


Human beings are notorious trend followers. As soon as something newer and shinier comes out, they want to abandon their current model and upgrade. But there's no need to run off and buy a home if you see one with a stylish new fireplace. Simply upgrade your own home with the desired feature. It'll feel like a brand new place and you'll save money.

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