There are many renovations out there that will make your townhome for sale more attractive to buyers and an equally large number of renovations that will make your home less attractive to buyers. Deciding which projects to undertake can be difficult. However, one that's relatively easy and guaranteed to increase the appeal of your kitchen is adding a breakfast nook. If you're thinking this could be a good home renovation project for you, this article will give you the lowdown on planning your project.

So what is a breakfast nook? A breakfast nook is a little space set aside in your kitchen for eating. It's not as large as a formal dining room, it's just a small area where you can sit two to four people for an informal meal, like breakfast. When you make your house plans, including a breakfast nook can be easy. One way to create a breakfast nook is to make sure there's leg room underneath your kitchen island. Another is to build a restaurant-style booth into an otherwise awkward niche or corner.

When you're thinking of putting in a breakfast nook as an addition, the first question you need to ask yourself is: do I have the space in my kitchen to add something like that? Most newer houses have large kitchens but if you live in a loft condo you may only have a small galley space that cannot accommodate an extra eating space. If you don't have extra room, you'll have to decide if you're willing to sacrifice something else for a breakfast nook, such as a portion of your dining room or living room or even a closet.

You don't need as much space as you might think to create a breakfast nook. Many breakfast nooks are created by removing some of the cupboards from underneath the kitchen islands in some pieces of Mississauga real estate, which allows chairs to be tucked underneath. You might also tuck a bench underneath a window and place a small narrow table in front of it, or you could rearrange your appliances to free up a corner where you can tuck a small table and a few chairs, perhaps where you could sit and improve your networking efforts If you're not very good at visualizing possibilities, you might hire an interior designer.

Breakfast nooks are inexpensive renovations unless you have to install a whole kitchen island, because all you really need to create one is a table and some chairs. In some cases, all you need is chairs. You can have a table or booth custom made to fit into your home or you can visit a furniture store like IKEA or Home Sense to see what they have in the way of tables, chairs, and seat cushions. Or if you're feeling particularly ambitious, you can research custom framing and kitchens in Toronto and do a massive upgrade.

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