Modern European Style

A Functional boutique look

The European kitchen and bathroom designs range from modern to a much traditional style. Our Beautiful Modern Kitchen and Bathrooms features the common mix of dramatic angles and flowing curves that distinguish the avant-garde European style and designs. We have incorporated the natural looks and feels of wooden furniture into our cabinets so we could elevate their look.

Our kitchen and bathroom are both functional and attractive. Because European kitchens and bathrooms are often smaller spaces, efficient cabinetry – featuring bold colors and textures like red, blue and black – are common: offering an aesthetically pleasing but also convenient space to live.

German Technology

Reliable Components

Our factories use the latest German Technology in Machinery and hardware to ensure that every one of our kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and closet systems are cut to perfection. Each cut is precise and calculated; not only we use the best High-Tech Machinery, but we also incorporate trusted high-tech and innovative German technology into our cabinetry.

We use Blum’s lift, hinge, and runner systems in our kitchen and bathroom cabinets to enhance our users’ convenience.

Premium Quality Materials

Eco-Efficient, High Density & Warm to Touch

Eco-Efficient, High Density and Warm to Touch
Each of our Kitchen Cabinets is made from premium panels; each of them features a distinctive finish and texture. All of our textures contain a modern and realistic look and are family friendly. Our Urban collection features realistic 3D textures that display the beauty of stone or wood. The Pure Collection in Super Matte and High Gloss features a new generation of melamine panels; these Engineered Evolution HD woods are the latest technology in melamine.

Style Collection
top styles of the newest market trend
Olympica's Modern Kitchens Cabinets


From Functional  Classic to Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Pure Oxford White Bathroom Vanities


Modern and Elegant Bathroom Vanities

Olympica's Closet System


Closet System and shelving based on the new trends

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Are you a handyman? Are you a talented DIY-er? Need help with that tricky modern kitchen look? We help DIYers (Do it Yourselves) and handymen to choose the right looks and sizes in order to install the right custom cabinets and shelving themselves.


Are you a contractor? Need help with your modern kitchen, bathroom, and walk-in closet projects?  you can work with us directly for your projects to ensure the best prices and the efficiency of your project. As long as you can manage the installation, you don’t need to worry about anything else.


Do you have a showroom? or a place to setup a showroom? Do you need Olympica’s Modern Kitchen in available to you? you can work with us directly and we supply you with all the cabinets, and special tools and services to ensure your clients always stay happy.

Building Developers

Are you a Building developer? Do you want to complement your new project with modern kitchens, functional cabinets, and timeless bathrooms? You can contact us directly to ensure your projects are done accurately without any extended wait times or any deficiency.

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We have a lot of dealers and partners, let us help you find the perfect match for you!
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