Classic Kitchen

OLYMPICA'S natural living kitchen cabinets

8 Incredible color Options

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Polar White

Shakers cabinets in a classic creamy white that invite light into any kitchen, brightening it up 

Irish Cream

In a timeless and classic soft grey tone, this shaker cabinets are elegant and versatile 

koala grey

The combination of crisp lines and the medium grey tones make this shaker cabinets a classic piece

sesame Grey

In a classic &  elegant dark grey tone. Perfect for contemporary kitchen that homeowners will love


In a subtle  brown tone, this shaker cabinets are  elegant and warm


In a mystifying blue tone,  these shakers are sophisticated yet modern 

Maple pecan

The classic &  elegant wooden  look add a charming touch to any kitchen.

sugar brown

The dark walnut look of this kitchen cabinets will add richness and elegance