Olympica designed the Urban Autumn after the British Columbia’s trees during the Fall. The rich light brown-yellow tone evokes the serenity of autumn into any bathrooms. 


This natural wood textured flat-panel cabinets' doors add a luxurious and opulent flair to any bathroom. Making your morning routine a serene one

End Panels

The trend toward a new natural living inspired us to create The Urban Autumn Kitchen Cabinets. The natural color and textures make the bathroom calming


This Contemporary Metal Bow handles is one of our most popular handles. The graceful curving lines add a touch of feminine energy to any room


Olympica's doors are equipped with Blum's hinges which allow our doors to open and close with reliable ease.


Blum's concealed runner system are an integrate part of Olympica's drawers. They have a feather-light glide and has load bearing capacities of 30 and 50 kg. It makes our cabinets functional and perfect for any room


Et. Emperador Countertop by Silestone is a great complement to the Urban Autumn Bathroom Cabinets since they brown tones complement one another and they golden speckles and veins add a flair to the bathroom.


Tierra Sol's Illusion II Glass Mosaic in PATINE, code TSCBGLILPATMOS, creates a seems-less combination between the floor tiles and the ceiling while elevating this style of Vanity


Tierra Sol's Atlas Concorde Mek Flooring in Dark, code TSCFACMEDA1224, has a subtle texture which blends with this Style of Cabinetry

ALL PICTURES SHOWN ARE FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSE ONLY. ACTUAL PRODUCT MAY VARY. Due to variations in all digital displays, products’ colours and textures shown on this website may vary computer to computer and from screen to reality. We encourage you to visit or contact our dealers or partners to view all products in person.

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