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Kitchen Remodeling - Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets Vancouver

Whether you are updating your kitchen’s appearance (kitchen remodeling) or building a new kitchen, one of the most important aspects to consider is the kitchen cabinets. They cover a sizable area of your kitchen; in fact, cabinets have a great influence on the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets set up the tone of your kitchen and sometimes your home. While material and cabinet door style are important issues to think about, the color is often what pops out when people enter any kitchen. People put more time and effort into choosing the right color.

Olympica knows the importance of choosing the right color so we have prepared style guides to help you.

Pure Oxford White Kitchen Cabinets
Pure High Gloss Royal Ash Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Remodeling - Choosing the Right Colours

Dark Tones - Luxurious Kitchens

One of the most popular modern trends is dark kitchen cabinets. Though it goes against the traditional view that states kitchens should have bright and warm colors, dark tones work well for most kitchens. Dark cabinets introduce a certain richness and depth; these tones invite you to linger & be calm. In fact, the calmness and depth of dark colors work perfectly for kitchens that inspire luxury and elegance.

However, dark kitchen themes require careful planning; it is an art to mix & match the right colors and tones. Sometimes you are better off if you ask decorating experts for their help but to get you started, we have some combinations that our experts have set up for you.

Light Tones - calm and warm kitchens

Light tones kitchen cabinets, Vancouver’s and Lower Mainland’s favorite kitchens.  Light-toned kitchen cabinets like white, cream or light grey will evoke a clean and sanitary look. Light kitchens are timeless and fresh, and as an overall approach, they will never go completely out of style.  Light colored kitchen cabinets are usually flexible and versatile; depending on how you mix and match countertops, backsplashes and flooring you can create modern, contemporary, or traditional kitchens. Light-toned kitchen cabinets in Vancouver are popular since they invite light during the long winters.

Before you start your kitchen remodeling and choose our light-colored kitchen cabinets, considered that light kitchens, especially white and cream tones kitchen cabinets, will show dirt, smudges and food particles more easily. So, owners of light kitchen usually are committed to constant cleanup.

Since light kitchens are versatile here are some combinations that our experts have set up to inspire your next kitchen remodeling

Classic Irish Cream Kitchen Cabinets, Vancouver's Favorite kitchens

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