Kitchen Cabinet Design

Designing Your Dream Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet Design Step 1

Measure your kitchen

“Measure twice, cut once” is the motto of cabinet makers and the carpentry industry.  So, before you decided on the style of kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, and before you start shopping in our Olympica Shop, carefully measure your kitchen.

Pro Tips:

  • If your kitchen is torn apart and bare, measuring your kitchen and the available space is much easier and accurate.
  • If you still have the old cabinets and appliances, you might want to be really careful and precise. Measure everything more than once and confirm everything.
olympica-kitchen cabinet-design-measurements
Measure Twice and Cut Once- Kitchen Cabinet Design Step 1 ​

urban Kitchen

Trendy Kitchen Cabinets

Pure Kitchen

Modern and Elegant Kitchen Cabinets

classic kitchen

Timeless Kitchen Cabinets

olympica-kitchen cabinet design planning
Plan your Kitchen Zone - Kitchen Cabinet Design Step 2

Kitchen Cabinet Design Step 2

Plan your kitchen zones

Once you know all the available space at your disposal. You might want to have a detailed list of the all appliances that you will have in your kitchen. It is industry standard that we design our cabinets around the appliances, thus make a detailed list of ALL the appliances you might want and need in your kitchen.  You can follow this template

Appliance Dept High Extra Space
Microwave 29.93" 17.12"
Refriderator 32.5" 69.5" depth w/ door 59"

After you have a detail list; you can start playing with areas and figuring out the locations for most of our kitchen stuff such as utensil, bakeware, food processors, blenders, etc. Professional kitchen planners spend some time with these details to ensure a functional kitchen. You want to do the same, and it can be a fun process.


Kitchen Cabinets Parts and Types

Base cabinets

These are the cabinets that goes underneath the countertop. Olympica standard pre-made base cabinets are approximately 24″ depth . Since most under counter appliances such as dishwashers, ovens, stoves are also designed for 24 inches depth cabinets.

Our clients usually have an easy time selecting the sink cabinet, corner cabinets, and the cooktop cabinets. But they take their time planning and choosing the right type of base cabinets for the rest of the kitchen. Since they need to decide what objects go where and how to access them and the functionality of the overall kitchen. We usually refer them to our dealers and their in-house experts will walk guide them through the process.

Olympica-kitchen cabinet design base cabinets 2
Base Cabinets
kitchen cabinet design wall upper cabinets
Pure Oxford White Kitchen Cabinets - Upper Cabinets

Wall cabinets or Upper Cabinets

Wall cabinets are designed to hang on the wall, above the countertops. They can either reach the ceiling or leave a gap between the ceiling and the cabinets. Olympica’s standard wall kitchen cabinets are approximately 12” deep which is the industry standard.  

Wall cabinets can be designed like corner cabinets, top of refrigerator cabinets, or wine racks. For these cabinets our clients take the same considerations as the base cabinets to ensure the functionality of the kitchen.

Tall cabinets or Pantry Cabinets

If you want to add storage space in the kitchen, then the best options is adding a pantry cabinet since storage opportunities inside any pantry cabinet can be limitless.

Pantry cabinets are cabinets that sit on the floor and Olympica’s pre-made pantry cabinets come in approximately 84” and 93”depth  with adjustable shelves.  Just like the prior two cabinets, our clients plan what they want to storage in the pantries and how accessible they are

kitchen cabinet design pantry cabinets
Urban Creme Brulee Kitchen Cabinets - Pantry Cabinet

Cabinet Doors and Pulls

These will define the aesthetics and style of your kitchen. 

For more information regarding cabinet doors please take a look at Olympica Doors and Kitchen Cabinet Hardware



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