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For more than 30 years, our directors and leaders have been working with each other in the cabinetry, carpentry, and home improvement industries. Along the top cabinet makers in BC Canada, Olympica has been able to keep its position as one of the most practical and successful cabinet makers and manufactures with the most stylish and elegant bathroom and kitchen cabinets for residential and commercial properties in North America

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Canadian Cabinet Makers


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At Olympica we have multiple Panel Saws, CNCs, and Edge Banders that are constantly running to cut, drill, and edge tape our wooden panels. Once they go through these machines, our painters and assemblers grab them for finishing. Once they are painted and assembled, they go through the packaging process for delivery.  This process is done in house at our local facilities; thus all custom cabinets and pre-made cabinets are locally made, employing local talent while supporting the local community.  

At the moment, our main facilities are located in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada; cabinets, closets, and panels are made with local resources. We have more than 8 trucks that are constantly delivering to areas within Greater Vancouver. Unfortunately, we do not ship outside Canada.  Cabinets, custom and pre-made cabinets, shipments and deliveries for provinces outside of British Columbia are done by our partners. We have several shipping partners that will ensure fast and timely deliveries. 


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Other than cabinet makers, we also specialize in Closets System and Shelving Units products like walk-in closets. We provide multiple different materials for both cabinet and closet frames as well as the finishing materials. You can see the list of materials, cabinet styles, custom cabinets options in the product pages at our Olympica Store.

We also provide designing and consulting services for projects that consist of multiple properties. You can directly contact us to discuss your options. For smaller projects, you can directly contact our dealers and they will be more than happy to help.  In addition, we provide the proper training (by our expert cabinet makers), design and technical tools to all of our dealers so they are able to help create the best result for clients.

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