We sell all necessary cabinet hardware and accessories. Cabinet hardware is one of the most important cabinet parts, if the right ones are used; it ensures the proper functionality of your kitchen. We have a wide variety of cabinet hardware and accessories, however, we only use the ones that can make your kitchen, bathroom, or closet system functional and efficient.

Drawer Runner Systems or Sliders

Runner Systems are important part of the cabinet drawers.  They have to have good running action, high stability, and good quality for a furniture lifetime. We use blum runner systems for Standard and/or under-mount sliders to ensure all of these qualities and values. 

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Blum's Undermount Slider Technology
Olympica Cabinet hinges blum
Blum's 45 cabinet hinge in a Urban Chinchila Kitchen Cabinet

Cabinet Hinges and lift systems

Cabinet Hinges and lift systems must be enhanced for adjustment and easy assembly, as well as a functional and attractive design. The cabinet doors must open and close with reliable ease. The hinges we use on the cabinets are great quality. They can take the pressure of throwing the doors open. In order to ensure the best functionality of the Olympica cabinet doors, we use Blum Hinges.

Cabinet Handles

Other than the end panels and cabinet doors, Cabinet Handles define a part of your cabinet style. For example if you would like to have a modern style kitchen based on the new trends, you must choose cabinet handles that are straight with no engraving. However, if you would like to have a more traditional style you can choose curved cabinet handles with a possibility of some engraving. You can always talk to one of our dealers for consulting on the design.  The quality of our handles are always at the top of the chain to ensure a long lasting set of cabinet handles.

Classic Curved Cabinet handle
Classic Curved Cabinet handle

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At the moment we provide our products in British Columbia Canada Focusing on Vancouver and Lower Mainland.
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