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You can Count on Olympica at all times!

We offer special prices and exceptional services to our Dealers, Exclusive Dealers, and Renovation Retailers. So, they can, in turn, provide the best products at affordable prices to their clients and homeowners.  In addition, our dealers enjoy these complementary services.

Advertising Services

At our head office, we have a completely dedicated and energetic Marketing and Advertising team that is constantly working to target the right audience and provide the best tools to educating them about our products and the advantages and benefits it can have in their lives. Our advertisements focus on Online, Social Media, Communities and sponsorship. We also provide a wide range of advertising materials and tools for our dealers so they are also able to advertise directly to consumers. We also place our dealers first! We place their location and information on our website to ensure that the consumers directly contact them. Therefore, we support you from the start to the end.

Olympica Kitchen Designers & Directors' meeting
Kitchen Cabinets Installers. Pure Oxford White kitchen cabinets

Technical and Design Support

Our dealers will be provided with all the necessary design and measurement catalogs and instructions. This means that when you design and provide a quote to your clients, you will show and explain to them what they actually get. Our technicians are always dedicated to helping at any time that they are available through phone and email support. This way both our dealers and their customers can count on a first-class service.

Administration Services

We have more than 30 employees, who are ready to help with all relative consultations. We provide phone, email and chat services for our sales partners. Our partners and their clients can directly contact us at any time to ensure that everything goes as smooth as possible.


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