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Here a Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide to Help you choose the Right One

Selecting new and modern kitchen cabinets can be intimidating, along with being expensive. Kitchen cabinetries account for approximately 40% of your renovation budget. They set the design style of your kitchen and you will be having them for years.

With such high demands on design and dollars, the current trend needs to be highly conservative. White cabinets are quite popular, more streamlines and less fussy.

Here is the buying guide that will help you choose the right cabinets for your business:

1. Know your Budget

Mainly there are three types of cabinet types, stock, semi-custom and custom. Stock cabinets are sometimes sold pre-assembled and some stores also sell versions of stock cabinets that require assembly. When it comes to stock cabinets, the range of options is limited in colors and styles.

Semi-custom cabinets offer a myriad of style options and configurations, giving a more precise fit to your kitchen. Custom cabinets are the most expensive option, but custom cabinets often include many added features as well as your exact specifications.

2. Select a Style

When it comes to style, there are two options available, framed or frameless. Framed are made of a face frame and a box to which drawers and doors attach. In contrast to this, frameless cabinets, also known as European-style, don’t have the face frame. The drawers and kitchen cabinet doors are attached to the cabinet box directly. The look, in the frameless frame, is contemporary and they also have a structure which makes interior access easier.

But the lack of face in the frame can compromise rigidity. Reputed manufacturers compensate the rigidity by using a thicker box. If you are planning for cabinetries with European look combined with framed cabinet, choose a full-overlay door. European framed cabinets cover most of the face frame.

3. Inspect the Construction

Try to go-for well-built cabinets which have dovetail joinery and solid wood drawers instead of stapled particleboard, doors with solid frames surrounding plywood panel and full-extension drawer guides instead of integrated rail. It is recommended to choose a solid wood instead of medium density fiberboard or veneered particleboard.

4. Check Features

Although adding features can increase the cost by more than 10-20% percent, however, the useful features such as built-in charging station and trash can add to the functionalities of your cabinets. For instance, you can go for a lift cabinet that contains a spring-loaded shelf, which swings up and out. This will also easy access to your food processor and stand mixer.

5. Consider Renovating your Old Cabinets

If your current cabinets are sturdy, plumb and square, consider refinishing and repainting them. You can also consider cleaning drawers and doors with a degreasing agent and multiple top coats. Cabinet refacing is also a good option, ideal for framed units. It includes replacing the doors and windows.

In a nutshell, cabinets are a crucial part of your kitchen, which is indicative of your style choices. It is good to for cabinet options which stand for simplicity, efficiency, functionality, along with being unique in design.

To know more about modern DIY kitchen cabinets design, feel free to get in touch with us.

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