NEW! Floating Vanities

A. Cheng Law

A. Cheng Law

NEW! Floating Vanities

Clean, Sleek & Very Modern

Recently Olympica’s dealers and sales have encountered clients intending to renovate their homes basing their ideals on the KonMari Way. They want to create homes that are simple, clean and organized, with a lot of open space. A well-designed home that is conductive to organization and has a lot of functional storage will help its owners to maintain their homes organized in the long run.  However, achieving this effect in thigh and small space such as bathrooms can be a bit challenging.  So, Olympica’s designers, following the KonMari philosophy, have designed our newest bathroom vanities: Floating Vanities.

Olympica’s Floating Vanities collection is not only clean and sleek, it is also very modern and luxurious.

What are floating vanities?

Floating vanities are cabinets that are attached to the wall, giving the appearance of “floating” above the floor. These vanities, unlike the standard vanities, extend from wall to wall or at least gives that impression.

Floating Vanities Rendering
Pure Polish Floating Cabinet

These stylish and modern vanities can extend from wall to wall creating an optical illusion of openness. In addition, since these bathroom vanities are suspended in the air, they create a lot of usable space underneath the vanities.  While it is suggested to leave this space open so the room looks organized and cleaner, homeowners can use this space to storage baskets, boxes or a scale.

These stylish vanities do not only look elegant, save space and represent the epiphany of minimalism; they also highlight other features in the bathroom. For instance, since they are “floating” above the ground, there are not interruptions in the tilework: the entire bathroom tilework is on display (if you spend so much time and money on your new tiles, this is one amazing way to show them off).  In addition, our homeowners can show off their new stylish bathtubs or gorgeous views since our bathroom vanities will not take away from the overall beauty of the entire room.

Additionally, it is much easy to keep the bathroom clean. The open space underneath makes it accessible at the time of cleaning. 

In-floor heating flooring in Vancouver, Lower Mainland, and Canada in general are crucial during winter. Standard bathroom vanities have the chance to overheat and cause damages to the cabinet’s material. Floating vanities avoid overheating entirely, since they are not in direct contact with the floor. It also maximizes warmth, meaning that there is more square footage for radiant heat. This results in happy homeowners, since they can stand barefooted at the sink all year long.

In-floor Heating System being install : No interruptions
Pure Polish Floating Cabinet

Speaking of customizable, these vanities can be installed at any height for the comfort of the household members. One of the main complains our experts constantly hear is that standard cabinets do not accommodate to people’s height: short people cannot reach and tall people have to do awkward positions to reach. Floating vanities can soar or lower to any height. Taller or shorter users can install these vanities at the height they like the best. Olympica will make sure their users are comfortable using Olympica’s products.

What are the drawbacks?

Floating cabinets have to be installed and fastened to the wall, so it MUST have s strong support frame. Many DIY-ers might find these cabinets really challenging to install and mistakes might cost a lot of money in the sort and long run. Thus, these cabinets usually required professional installation. Olympica will not only provide the parts and materials for our newest floating vanities but our experts will help you install them as well.

So, call our sales for more details or visit our showroom in Port Coquitlam  to see samples.

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