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A. Cheng Law

A. Cheng Law

2019 Kitchen Cabinets & Bathroom Vanities

2019 Interior Design Show Toronto - IDS Toronto

Olympica is preparing a New-Modern Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Vanities Collection for 2019. This new collection will complement amazingly with the newest trends from 2019. Olympica’s 2019 Modern Kitchen Cabinets Collection is not only contemporary, it is also timeless and well engineered. We design this collection to look and feel astonishing without compromising affordability; this collection will look and feel luxurious but will be reasonably priced. Thus, be ready to see our 2019 collection that is coming soon.

In the meantime, theses are some highlights and Olympica’s picks from IDS Toronto 2019.

The colour of 2019 is “METROPOLITAN AF-690.” This neutral stylish “grey with cool undertones” projects beauty and balance. This is a calming and smoothing colour that creates an impact.  Benjamin Moore also presented the corresponding palette of 15 harmonious hues that further elevates METROPOLITAN AF-690.

colour trend 2019

Images taken from Benjamin Moore website

During the entire exhibition you can see any combination of these colours on the exhibitions and presentations 

image from VIcostone Website- BQ2600-Valley-White-vicostone-olympica-cabinets-sample

Vicostone launched their 2019 new colours collection during the IDS Toronto. Their quartz stones are breathtaking. Their kitchen countertops are exuberant and they feel amazing to touch. Vicostone’s new colours complements and highlights Olympica’s kitchen cabinets colours and textures. Perhaps you can find few combination between Vicostone new stone colours and Olympica cabinets and bathroom vanities that our designers did not see.

With the growing demand for alternative options for stainless steel, Blanco offers an alternative to stainless-steel sinks. Their coloured kitchen sinks come in white, soft grays, blacks and other. They are soft to touch and they seem to be resistant to scratch. We have not used them to in our designs but it is something we would like to implement in the future. For instance, we would like design a white kitchen that highlights a white sink or we would also like to create a soft grey toned kitchen with a soft grey sink that will complement the mate coloured faucets. The options are endless

Image taken from Blanco Website

4. Outdoor Kitchens

There are many interesting developments with outdoor kitchens. While a couple years ago outdoor kitchen cabinets were predominantly stainless steels. Currently there are much better and larger options for outdoor kitchen cabinets. It was great to see so much option out there

5. Floating Bathroom Vanities

This has been a popular choice for the last flew years and it is for an obvious reason. They are astatically pleasing and with the proper LED lighting this cabinets can become a piece of art. We are currently developing new software so our factories can produce Floating Bathroom Vanities in the near future.   

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