Modern-kitchen-cabinet-2019-kitchen design-trends
A. Cheng Law

A. Cheng Law

2019 Kitchen & Bathroom Trends 3

Part 3

Simple & Clean is the New Kitchen Look for 2019-20

 A slow quiet movement that is quickly gaining speed in these last couple years and it is taking over the kitchen design universe: Open Kitchen Cabinets. This minimalistic movement is characterized by its functionality, versatility, and simplicity where less is more. This trend in kitchen cabinets is gaining popularity around Europe and Asia; homeowners and DIYers can see the surge of images portraying this type of kitchen designs on Pinterest and Instagram.  The most effective and fast way to achieve this effect is to eliminate upper cabinets and replace them with floating or open shelves. Some designers have even taken a step further and replaced pantry cabinets for open cabinets, and the results are unbelievable.

Why are Open kitchen cabinets becoming popular?

Many homeowners and kitchen designers find these types of kitchens to be very functional. This style of kitchens is open and increases storage space.  Open shelves kitchens make it easy to storage and organize kitchen items and accessories such as plates, jars, condiments, glasses, and others.

Olympica's Buttermilk Base Cabinets
Modern-kitchen-cabinet-2019-kitchen design-trends
Mix Kitchen Cabinet: floating shelves, Oxford White Pure & Classic Base Kitchen Cabinets

Homeowners can find things easily and items are accessible at all time; unlike the typical upper cabinet people are always aware of what is at their disposal and they do not have to go through boxes and search for that one specific item (I personally never seem to know where do I place that jar of pumpkin spice, which I only use during winter thus I end up buying a new one).   

Additionally, this type of kitchens is much easier to clean and keep clean. Since items on these shelves are constantly moving, they do not collect dust.  If they need a clean, then a duster will do the trick. These kitchens invite light and warm; thus, open kitchen cabinets are warm and inviting.

How do We Achieve This Look?

There are several ways to achieve this look and create the most elegant and timeless open shelves kitchen cabinets, Vancouver residents and our clients has the following options:

Open Shelves: these are your current kitchen cabinets without their doors

Combination: Open Shelves kitchen cabinets combined with the traditional upper kitchen cabinet.

Floating Shelves: Floating shelves that can be of any material such as steel, glass, copper, or wood.  Depending on the overall look and feel of your kitchen the appearance, texture, and materials of these shelves may vary. 

Oxford White Classic Base Kitchen Cabinets and Open Upper Cabinets

Many designers tried to incorporate a mixture of open shelving, floating shelving and the traditional kitchen cabinets.  We recommend this option since it creates a much more versatile kitchen that you are more than happy to cook and spend time in.  Olympica is not currently offering this type of kitchen cabinets in our website (it is an upcoming project) but we do produce them. Ask our designers and/or sale representative for information regarding open shelves kitchen cabinets, or floating kitchen cabinets.  We are happy to accommodate you.

If you are a developer, constructor or seasoned DIYers and would like to incorporate Olympica Kitchen Cabinets in your homes and projects then contact us

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