2019 Kitchen and Bathroom Trends

Olympica Pure-Onyx-Bathroom Vanities
A. Cheng Law

A. Cheng Law

2019 Kitchen and Bathroom Trends

Part 1

Bathroom Vanities Trends

According to market’s experts and designers, these are some of home design trends for 2019.

Bold Black Bathrooms are IN

As Kesha Franklin of Halden Interiors states “ …These days it’s all about bold, dark, sultry bathroom designs that evoke an indulgent high-end experience.” Black bathroom vanities might be an intimidating choice at the moment renovating your bathrooms but if these bathroom cabinets are properly matched with the correct flooring and countertops, any dark toned bathroom will look indulgent, high-end, and expensive regardless of size of the bathroom.  In fact, even small bathrooms with dark bathroom vanities can feel luxurious.  Olympica have designed three distinctive black bathroom vanities which focus on creating a luxury experience. 

Olympica’s Urban Black Beauty is a textured, black with dark grey highlights bathroom vanity that accentuates the natural and warm feel of wood yet its dark tone makes the bathroom look expensive and sophisticated.  The dark grey highlights of the cabinet doors create a Yin Yang effect that attacks  natural and artificial light, thus making the room feel bright and open. 

Olympica Urban Urban Black Beauty + Quartz Countertop
Olympica Pure Onyx Bathroom Vanities

Olympica’s Classic and Pure Onyx Bathroom Vanities are the epiphany of trendy, luxurious, elegant yet timeless. The deep dark tone of these bathroom cabinets is specially designed to create an impact. These dark bathroom cabinets will become the focus point.  

Our designers have set some sample combinations of our elegant vanities with some matching countertops and flooring. These samples and suggestions are there to help you start your renovation adventure.  

If you still feeling apprehensive to use dark coloured  vanities but are really attracted to the rich dark tones then call to any of our dealers to take a closer look at these styles or contact their in-house designers to ask for their expert opinion.  

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