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A. Cheng Law

A. Cheng Law

Olympica Kitchen Cabinets vs Custom or Pre-fabricated cabinets.

Still having trouble deciding between custom cabinets or pre-fabricated kitchen cabinets? Go for a hybrid!

Olympica’s Kitchen Cabinets are the perfect hybrid choice between stock, prefabricated cabinets, and custom cabinets. Our collection of kitchen cabinets provides the best features from each of these type of cabinets.

We offer our partners and clients high-quality kitchen cabinets at affordable prices. Since we produce and manufacture our kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities at our local factories, we cut import costs which gives us the change to offer our customers good deals on their ideal kitchens. We  have also reduced transportation costs since we use local resources such as local wood. In addition, Olympica supports local communities by hiring  local talents.

Olympica’s ready-made-kitchen-cabinets and custom cabinets work best for clients, specially constructors and developers, that have renovation timelines they need to follow. We are a local cabinet maker who has large warehouses to storage our products and has more than 8 trucks that deliver to all areas of Lower Mainland. We will deliver our custom cabinets according to our partners deadlines. We are dedicated to support or partners, clients and principals. 

Cost aside, Olympica offers a great line of styles of kitchen cabinets that can be turned into anything our clients imagine. Unlike pure custom cabinets where choices are limitless, so many choices and styles that most of the time overwhelmed and paralyzed homeowners, Olympica offer well-research and well-design styles to our clients. We have compiled market trends, past experiences, and experts opinions; and designed the perfect kitchen cabinet styles. Our clients pick and choose from set sizes, colors, finishes, and features then they can turn these choices into any kitchen they can imagine.  So our clients can create custom kitchens without feeling overwhelmed with unnecessary choices.  Companies like ours provide personalized design as part of the overall service; we have a team of designers ready to support you.

Still having trouble deciding? Contact us for a free consultation.

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